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What Are Vet Tech Requirements?

Veterinary TechnicianThe vet tech requirements for a person wishing to have a career in this field vary from state to state. Regardless of the state where you live and wish to be employed, however, the most basic vet tech requirements are to obtain a vet tech degree.

When you pursue a vet tech degree, you may choose to only work to the associates degree level. In this case, you will need to go to school for two years on a full time basis. The vet tech requirements for this degree are still quite comprehensive. In addition, the vet tech requirements needed to earn an associated degree involve taking numerous classes within the science field.

If you wish to earn a bachelor's degree, which will take four years of full time study, your vet tech requirements will be even more extensive. Namely, you will need to take several clinical courses that will give you hands on experience working with animals in a humane setting. If you are taking your courses online, these vet tech requirements are typically fulfilled by working with a nearby veterinary clinic that has been approved by the school.

After you earn your degree, many states have additional vet tech requirements in place. For example, your state's vet tech requirements may included taking a state exam in order to demonstrate your competency. In order to be licensed to work in the state as a vet tech, you might need to successfully complete this test first.

Aside from schooling and legally requirements, there are other characteristics that you should possess if you hope to be successful in this field. For example, one of the most obvious vet tech requirements is a passion for animals. You must also be able to emotionally separate yourself from the animals enough that you will not become overly depressed if one must be put to sleep or is severely injured.